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Making the Case for Fall

People often tell me their favorite season is summer.

I don’t believe them. I believe 72.5% of them have fallen into a trap caused by the American school system. The tendency to have summer breaks in school propagates the myth the summer is the greatest season.

It isn’t.

Sure, there are some nice things about summer. If you are privileged enough to live in a state with an ice cream truck, that’s pretty neat (ice cream trucks are illegal in Iowa, something that was completely devastating to me as a child when I moved here from Pennsylvania.) I guess that whole not having homework and getting to go on vacations with your family thing is great. And sometimes jumping into a cold pool can be refreshing.

But really, summer is just the reason the person next to you smells like body odor. Summer is the reason you held lemonade stands as a kid only to be bitterly disappointed to have to split $10.00 between your four closest friends. Summer is the reason your thighs stick to hot leather seats, the reason you can’t walk barefoot on the pavement, the reason you have to jump into that pool because it is so hot out you feel like your skin is going to burn off.

My method of transportation in the summer... damn leather seats

When it is -10 degrees out, I don’t have friends telling me to suck it up and come outdoors to hang out, yet in the summer when it is 100 degrees people think this is acceptable. I would go as far as to say that is a major plus for winter. People respect it. They don’t mess with going out unnecessarily when it is dangerously cold.

But fall… none of that happens in fall. Fall brings football games and tailgating. Is there anything better than waking up and eating hashbrown casserole and breakfast burritos? And jeans! How I miss those my dark wash jeans during the summer. Normal shoes instead of flip flops, sweatshirts, sweaters. Who doesn’t look good in a  sweater?

Fall brings Halloween and warm food and everything cozy right before the weather becomes unbearable. I look forward to fall every year.

This fall, I can’t wait to make as many baked pastas and warm dishes as possible. And I can’t wait to walk to class in boots, a sweater, and jeans. To go out of my way to step on a slightly crunchy leaf. To sleep in my un-air conditioned room with blankets on me instead of just a sheet. To see all my friends over Thanksgiving break and, for a week, fall back into things like we are still in high school.


About eatwritelive

I am a sophomore at the University of Iowa double majoring in Journalism and English. I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, journalism, and most of all, when they all combine.


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    Found your blog 😉

    Posted by Josh Ganarajah (@joshawahh) | September 15, 2011, 1:59 am

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