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The Curse of the Picky Eater

I grew up in a wonderful, loving household. My parents always made sure that I had everything I needed but not everything I always wanted. They taught me not to interrupt, to answer my phone calls by saying “This is she,” and to cut my food properly. When I visited my friends’ houses, their parents always lauded me for my impeccable manners. My friends thought I was silly for asking “May I use your bathroom?” or for asking for a glass of water, even though I’d been over their house hundreds of times.

So, if my mom and/or dad are reading this: I loved my childhood! A+ parenting.

Showin' my dad (and the Mets) some love

I just have one complaint.

I am a picky eater.

My meals were all very basic– mashed/au gratin potatoes, green beans/carrots/cauliflower, with pot roast, roast beef, or various forms of chicken. My mom made roasted chicken, lemon chicken, fried chicken, parmesan chicken but DEFINITELY NOT chicken parmesan or grilled chicken.

Of course, these were all always perfectly cooked and seasoned. When I didn’t like what my mom made, I was never forced to eat it. My mom grew up with nine siblings– when she didn’t like a meal, my grandmother told her to eat a peanut butter sandwich. Pleasing eight out of nine is quite the accomplishment, after all. My mom gave me the same instructions: if I didn’t like it, I didn’t eat it.

My dad expanded the repertoire by adding tacos, chicken parmesan, spaghetti and grilled chicken or steak. When we made hamburgers he was willing to add garlic salt or worcestershire to the burgers. My mom’s were left plain.

I was never introduced to a huge variety of flavors as a kid. And as I’ve gotten older that has stuck with me.

Now that I’m almost twenty, I’m working on expanding my tastes. I’m adding spinach to my salads at school. Of course, I still have to drench it in ranch or a thousand island dressing. But the point is that the spinach is in there.

I’m currently dating someone who will eat just about anything. He also doesn’t understand how I’m not the same way. Trying to split a footlong sub at Subway causes problems for us. He wants to add all the toppings possible. I’m perfectly content with just adding lettuce, and maybe some onions if I’m feeling adventurous.

So my goal for the next few months is to try more and more things. After all, until someone forced me to eat them, I was convinced I didn’t like cheesecake, buffalo sauce, crab rangoon, and sushi (well, I’m still on the fence about that one). Who knows what other foods are out there, waiting to be my new favorite?

Here are a few recipes from some great blogs that I want to try once I am visiting home and have a kitchen to use:

1. Buffalo Fries from Life Tastes Like Food

2. Chicken Tikka Masala from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

3. Brown Rice, Steak and Feta Bowl from Bitchin’ Camero

I’ll be sure to get back to you with the results 🙂